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I Miss Buddy AKA McLain, Bud, Mac

McLain C Spann III , Buddy I miss you so much today we would be celebrating our Wedding Anniversary today June 3rd but I will be doing it without out you…

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God's most perfect Angel went back to heaven

That smile from God

February 20th, 2021 my best friend, my wife and my soul mate for 40 years left me for her heavenly home. She battled cancer on earth until it defeated

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No Tomorrow's. ( for my Daughter Makila)

I wrote this for my Beautiful Daughter Makila Aldrich aged 34 taken so suddenly. My Baby girl you will always be, A beautiful Swan for all to see,

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For Charles

A Poem to Charles aged only 63 You sailed away On your Viking ship Leaving behind Those whom you loved. It was too soon to go, Too much not done. So short

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Goodbye Father... Till we meet again someday...

To be honest I dont really know what to say. Maybe I’ll start by saying I love you so much and I miss you dearly. You and mother raised us well.

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My beautiful father

My father, he was An amazing father to me and my siblings. Sometimes it was hard for you because after all u had to deal with 3 attention needing kids.

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My beautiful father

My father, he was An amazing father to me and my siblings. Sometimes it was hard for you because after all u had to deal with 3 attention needing kids.

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Since your demise 21/6/2020 my life hasn't been the same. I miss your voice so soothing and calm, always encouraging me to carryon. I have alot to talk


My dad,my all

Daddy,O.C.N.,Oke Osisi.Hmmmmmm.words can't explain how much I and my brother and mum miss you. Indeed the vacuum you created can't be filled.Your grand

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Its been 9 th month since you have gone

Imagine if I was given one moment, just a single slice of my past. I could hold it close forever, and that moment would always last. I'd put the moment

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Prayer for inner peace, comfort, security, and hope

Please pray for this unyielding anger to lift from me completely. Both parents died, I have no support system and I find myself getting extremely aggravated

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Chelsea Brown taken too early

Chelsea Anne Michele Brown aged 28

On 22nd December 2000 my only child Chelsea, was killed by a drug overdose administered by another. As she lay dying, they tossed her onto a bed where

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I wish I could have died with you...

You lived almost a century and I had you for 60 years. I consider myself lucky for having you as long as I did. With you gone I feel like my life is

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My Grandmother, now an angel in Heaven

It will be almost three months since I had to say goodbye to you. I am blessed God have the opportunity for me to be able to talk to you, to be the first

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remembering my Father Simon

Dear Dad Simon Words cannot express the void i feel in my heart knowing that i will not see you anymore. you have always been there, always supporting

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Alive to remember

My Dad was a candle that lit a lot of other candles, he believe in the intrinsic value of relationship. He a-times dealt perfectly with betrayals from

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Tribute to my DAD and also my very best teacher

Dad I missed you even though you were never there to assist the family after loosing all you had but you still taught me to always respect my mom his separated

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Rest In Peace Eze udennaka

You are a good man since I was a child till you left this world, we your children, brothers, sisters and your benefactors will never forget how good you

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So Amazing You Are No More (DAD)

Oh, dad with deep sadness I am putting down this few lines expressing my heartfelt when the news of your demise 4th June 2019, reached me the night you

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Tribute to my Dad, Joseph Bamidele Olagunju (Ayiti)

Death is the wish of some, the relief of many, and end of all *(Seneca)*. Dad, if you had not spent up to 80years of age, I would have complained bitterly

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A great man is gone.

A GREAT MAN IS GONE Hmm! Espistle could be written but words alone could not express how painful it was to lose a great man; father and academic per

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Best dad I ever had

Our father died on 21st July 2018 at the age of 43. A little over a year after being diagnosed with a short illnesses. I wrote this about him and used

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Beyond this world Infinity and Eternity lie Planets, stars and moons rise and fall But the love in human hearts and souls Is the most wondrous thing of

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For my parents

Life can be hard when you lose someone you love Feel like falling apart but you've got to stay tough Think of the good times that you shared How much

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for chris

when tragedy strikes black death swift sharp as a guillotine headless, mindless bloodless, icey body falls, fallen children pools of blood horror, terror

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The Weight Of Grief

There is this sculpture of grief where a person is collapsed on their knees, gripping their chest. It is an amazing depiction of the pain and anguish grief

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for my Little angel in heaven Baby Jaden

My little star girl in heaven, her name is Baby Jaden.... Five months and twenty two days she stayed with me. She were in pain I know so I had to set her

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It gets easier...

I remember writing to this site late last year when it seemed as though I could not go on. I had gone through a difficult stage in my life and I just wanted

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Death where is thy pangs

When the mirror is broken you no longer see your image. On that dreadful day 29/3/19 that you departed this world to join the saints it has not been same

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Tribute to my dad... Mr. Uboge Fidelis Ejimkonye

I don’t think I can be able to type all the things you did for us(your kids). You were quiet mostly, but also funny. You never judged us by gender, you

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To my dear daddy Ji

Dear Daddy Ji Can not believe you have left us- we will always remember and love you.You have a left a big void in our lives and life will never be the

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A good Dad

Dad I really miss you,never knew you would leave us so suddenly,you were a good man,you advised me provided for me tried your best in helping people, I

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Adeleke Samuel IREWOLEDE (7th of Jan. 2008) 56 years

Love leaves a memory no one can steal, but death leaves a memory no one can heal. It's sad to know that my dad left us exactly a decade ago, but again

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KOI THAI SIOW 19/5/43 - 5/7/18

I love you mama, words could never enough to describe how much I miss you. I keep myself occupied as much as I could in order to skip a moments to remind

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Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko

Written by Christian pastor. Levi Lusko gives a down to earth, biblically based description of the journey,that he and his wife travel through following

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A Journey Grief

At first I was completely stunned. As though walking in a daze. I could not accept that you were gone. But gradually, I left that phase. Then came pain

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TWO PHOTOGRAPHS, 1858-2017 [written for the last of the elder generation of Whitakers]

TWO PHOTOGRAPHS, 1858-2017 Women and men in their Sunday best On the front porch in summertime Massachusetts woods There, three men are looking at A

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My beloved Mom!

The best place in the world to be in is the lap of my beloved mother. I cherish the photos where she is holding me as a toddler. Mother, you will live

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MIRRORED POND REFLECTION Reflections on our lives Reflections of your success's and fails Hunting there in the mist Walking quietly to your stand Looking


"What's it like to grieve?"

I wrote this in 2004 after my fiance', Rick, passed away. I wrote it because people kept telling me they understand what i'm going through and I didn't

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Hang the fairy lights and mistletoe. And decorate the tree. Leave mince pies out for Santa. And my slippers out for me. And I'll be there with you at

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H.Buff Herr Thank you grief

thank you grief for leading me to atheism for granting me rage and regret thank you grief for terrifying me for disavowing me of the courage i thought

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My son died because The health system failed him.

My son Marcus died 4/8/2019 He was a mentally ill homeless person, Marcus also had a OCD for cleaning and cleaning his hands body restrooms. On 3/26/2019

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Love Never Ends....

My son was always welcoming to everyone, especially his family. People around him would always say that he bragged about his brothers,sister and parents.

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Virginia Jenkins 1/12/1929- 8/11/2017

My Mother My mother died today She breathed out the life that she had lived and rested in the stillness The heartbeat that had laid alongside mine since

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One quick instant

My son who was 48 years old died on a beautiful sunny Sunday, July 2, 2017, stateside. The family temporarily living in Japan when I got the call he was

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Your Always On My Mind Ted Leopard


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to my father, Christiaan Timoteus

It has been five years since you departed this earth, but the pain is still as fresh as if it were yesterday. I miss you dad I miss you dad I miss you

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