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A Pillar In The Community

The Town of Sicily Island has designated June 04 , 2017 as the Excellena Williams Memorial Day. Excellena ( Tammy ) Williams was a pillar in the community.

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Motorcycle accident

I'd been working from home when there was an anxious knock at the door - a lovely police woman stood outside, concerned, and asked if my husband was home.

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Terribly Lost

My name is Alicia Webber and I am a 29-year old living in Maine. I have no children and I am single and I live alone in a small one-bedroom apartment.

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It's been 5 years since Dad is gone....... We miss him from dusk til dawn...... All his loving is still with us all..... We think of him often, especially

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WHAT MAN IS HE THAT LIVETH ABD SHALL NOT SEE DEATH (PSALMS89V48) Still cant believe you are gone daddy, we watched you suffer in pains and couldnt do


Ricky - My Soul Mate

To the most amazing man, my partner, my best friend, my husband. 2 years & 3 months since you have passed, but it still feels like yesterday. I miss You

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My handsome Blue Eyed Funny Man

Every year I celebrate September 8th, your birthday on earth. What a wonderful day it was for your parents, I and our children are so fortunate that they

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Missing my Best Friend

My mother died of terminal cancer on July 12,2015, and I have been terribly heartsick ever since. I was not with her when she passed away but every day

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My Caring Father

Since you have gone DAD no one has filled your position in my heart each time i remember you i know that i have lost a GEM. My Dad, My Mentor, My Companion,

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My only son, . Markeeus Edward Combs ( BJ. )

Son it has now been 4 months since God called you home. July 5, 2015. July the 4th will never be the same for me now. I remember when you were here with

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Zorro my Beloved friend & companion...

Honoring your special life is the least I can do...Zorro came into my life 10 years ago...as a puppy, his breeder brought in the litters of puppies to

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Kennet L. Minaker a consumate physician

To Ken, So many of us deeply miss you, your warm, grace and caring gentle ways. Every patient you saw received the best of care. Why did you

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To my hero, my Dad..........

My dad, Herbert Grant was and still is in memory, a strong, intelligent, dedicated and honest man. He sacrificed his years doing good for his family, without

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The Lost of a Husband

Loves Heartbeat As I lay awake quietly on the bed that we once shared taking deep breathes, I can still hear your heart beat Remembering all of the great

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My Husband, David McCrimmon

There are days that I will always remember, I will never forget the 1st of September, For that day I felt so sad and alone, You decided it was time to

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Tribute to my wonderful husband and friend, Victor Olamide Ogundimu

Special Tribute to my Wonderful Husband and Friend, Victor Olamide Ogundimu When we spoke on the phone at 10.58 a.m. on Monday 6th July, 2015, little

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Memories of Payton live on

Payton's life may have be brief, but he truly lived this life to the fullest. He achieved more in his 20 Years, 11 Months, 15 Days, 4 hours, 15 minutes;

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A Pillow can be a lonely place,(about my mother)

When each day was over were her night times filled with dread When she was alone with those thoughts going round in her head We never realise what a lonely

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Six Steps for Managing Loss, Terence Curley, Alba House, New York

This book is a brief approach to the experience of loss which allows for the fact that those who are grieving want an approach which is not too involved

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So yesterday was any normal day at work Accept …. We had a shooting in Lake County. So 2 coworkers were talking about what happened right by my desk so

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Gone to soon!!

My husband past away on June 26,2015. He was only 39. He pass away on a Friday night. He went to work, came home we had dinner he ask me to go get him

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My husband 58 years old died last Thursday 23rd of July after 14 months battle with Pancreatic cancer.We had been together for 27 years .He was my soul

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I only had my husband for eight years but I lost him on June 19, 2015. My doctor has me on Zoloft and Xanax. I go home from work and turn on the TV and

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Tears have a wisdom all their own. They come when a person has relaxed enough to let go and to work through his sorrow. They are the natural bleeding of

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Mrs. Kenisha Lomax

On May 27, 2003 my life changed forever. I lost the most amazing woman, my best friend, my mother to a fight with stage 3 lung cancer. She was only 45

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Mr Diepreye Adulphus

16th of may 2015 was a day with tearful eyes.The shocking news of the death of my beloved uncle ripped my heart. God broke my heart to prove that he takes

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Mrs. Lynn Johnson

March 22, 2005, my life changed forever. My twenty one year old daughter Asheley died in a car accident on her way home for Spring break from college.

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Dinner with Sarah (finding out things) 6-30

Last night Sarah and I met for dinner. It was good to see her, but I was having anxiety waiting for her. Not knowing how she would be or how I would be,

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Wishing I could take a Mother's Grief Away!

I am very sorry for your loss and wanted to share my stepsons story. It was 4th of July 2014 when I received the call that changed everything. My partner,

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For Christy "The If only (guilt)"

Dear Beautiful Christy. You have no reason to feel guilt.It takes 2 for a relationship. Your Brother loved you and you loved him. Siblings fight because

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Ashley, you were such a beautiful girl growing up, and you still were, as an adult. Then... May 15, 2015, was the night your life was taken from you and

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For Patty (June 26,2015)

This is the one of the songs that came out around the time Michael died. My daughter Patty can't listened with out crying. There is such a strong bond

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60 years

To a man whose been a light in so many lives. To a man who spent his 60 years in this life being whatever anyone needed at any time. A man who was 1/2

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Sleepless Nights

Yesterday was a rough day I finished the Thank you cards got them ready to mail. Had a breakdown at work Thank God no one asked me about it. I couldnt

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Sympathy Cards and Thank you cards

After a loved one dies you send sympathy cards. Which is a very nice thing to do. I have done it many times but, when you are the one receiving them it

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"Fake it till you Make it!" and He will find a Way!

The unbelievable grief that comes over me is so unbearable I never know what is going to trigger it. I thought that yesterday because I was extremely tired

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At times I feel alone even when I am not. I smile at people and inside I am screaming don't you know, don't you care I am falling apart my heart is broken!

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My grief stages

My stages of grief are all over the place . Angry yes! Sad Definitely! Denial, Guilt oh Yes! right along with a deep depression. I always knew Michael

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I'm very concerned

Please pray for Tyrone. His mother passed away 2 1/2 years ago and he is having a very difficult time dealing with it. Although nothing formally was ever

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Challenging The Landscape of Loss,Why what we've been told about grief does'nt help

This book makes a real contribution for updating our understanding about loss. It provide the reader with updated theories and practices for relating to

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Wife and Mother

My story, how do I tell it? It is very hard for me to say that my 51y/o husband passed so suddenly from routine colonoscopy in July, 2014. I dropped him

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Cancer killed my twin

My 14th birthday is approaching quickly and I am all to aware of the fact that my twin Danny isn't here to celebrate it with me. Danny died just under

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Tales from the inside

So this is grief. Nothing. No emotions. Coping. I remember it so well. Every day seeming normal. The sympathy of others, their tears like a liquid touchpaper

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A beautiful but sad goodbye

My wonderful father passed into eternity in March of 2011. We got the wonderful chance to express feelings of gratitude, love and appreciation for one

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Loss of a true gentleman

Where do I begin? My husband was everything one would like in a husband. Caring, hardworking, gentle, loved life and love people. He respected life and

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The King's Lion ... Bound for Home!

The following is an excerpt from my book which I wrote about my son's life after he died in a car accident back in 2010. Because of the word submission

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My bestfriend, my buddy, my pal

It took me 50 years to find the love of my life!! And it was so worth the wait. We met on Feb 23, 2009 and were married on the same day and time a year

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