My beloved Mom!

by Son of my mom
(New Delhi, India)

The best place in the world to be in is the lap of my beloved mother. I cherish the photos where she is holding me as a toddler. Mother, you will live with me for each and every moment of rest of my life. May God give you more than ever to be granted by God to anyone in past, present, and future in the hereafter. Amen. You were the epitome of self sacrifice, never complained to anyone about anything. Forever giving. I am so proud to be your son and that of my beloved dad. God bestowed on me best parents in the world. Words can never do justice to what you meant to me. Even feelings and emotions fail miserably in expressing my gratitude to you. Your incalculable love will always keep my heart warm. Thank you mom. I am sure that you are now at a much better place and that gives me a lot of solace. May God grant you beyond measure. Amen!

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