My beautiful father

My father, he was An amazing father to me and my siblings. Sometimes it was hard for you because after all u had to deal with 3 attention needing kids. You would always make us laugh with you funny strange jokes, and I just wish you could again :(. I remember that time in 2017 when we went to Italy, just us two.. we had so much fun. It was a great time. I remember one thing specifically, it started to thunder and we were pretty high up and you said, if it gets closer to us and we won’t get down in time we go to a dike/hole and I will lay over you to shield you.. those words were so extreme to me because I did not want you to do that because I did not want to lose you. you would do anything to keep us safe. I just wish we could experience that again without the death threatening part.. I just have so much more to say about you because there was so much to you. like I remember when I was 6 that u would sit with me and teach me all the multiplication tables. You wanted nothing more than for me to have a bright future and for you to be able to se it. but life didn’t think the same this time...

it just breaks my heart that we could never ever fix our relationship.. I was just to stupid not to try and get over my grudges. how mean I even would be you would always send such heart warming messages but I would never reply.. I’m gonna miss those. I just gonna miss everything about so freaking much.

I don’t have much more to say than, if you would still be here I would hug you so hard and never let go and tell you how much I love you ❤️ you were such a fighter u survived so many deadly things but this time you couldn’t :( you may rest now daddy.

Love your daughter

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