remembering my Father Simon

Dear Dad Simon
Words cannot express the void i feel in my heart knowing that i will not see you anymore. you have always been there, always supporting us as your children, always cheering us. these are the things i will remember you for, tatane:
1. your unconditional love for us as your children
2. you sacrificed a lot for us to live a better life, you spent the whole of your prime life working tirelessly far from home so that you can be able to pay our school fees, pay bills and feed us. not once did i ever hear you complaining that the yoke was too much. maybe in your secret place you did, but to us you will always remain a HERO. because of your sacrifice and support, we are now professionals and we are able to take care of our own families
3. the support you have given us and our new families, our husbands and your one Makoti and kids. you welcomed them with a big smile, you embraced them and made them part of your family.
4. you were a fighter, even when you were sick with cancer, you always remained positive, you did not complain and you always believed that one day you will get better.
4. you have encouraged me to reach out to family members, even when its not easy, you said i must always be willing to welcome others and visit family members
5. you were a peace maker, in all situations you believed in making peace and getting along with those affected.
Tatane i know that you gave it your all to fight this CORONA virus, you did your part until you could not push anymore as it was too strong for you. but i believe that our bodies are controlled by GOD and that this was HIS way of calling you back to HIM your maker. You have run your race well, Robala ke Khutso
, TAU!!!!

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