A Journey Grief

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton England)

At first I was completely stunned.
As though walking in a daze.
I could not accept that you were gone.
But gradually, I left that phase.

Then came pain and heartache.
Everything had ceased to be.
For when God took you from my side.
He took my World away from me!

At night I'd cry myself to sleep.
As I lay in deep despair.
With my hand upon your pillow.
But of course, you were not there.

Anger followed. And even rage!
Because I had been left alone.
Angry at God for taking you.
Angry you had left me on my own.

Next came guilt. And small things grew,
out of all proportion in my head.
And I asked for your forgiveness.
For those things I had done and said.

And everywhere I ventured,
held memories of you.
And though I tried to close my mind.
Still thoughts of you came flooding through.

So I found myself avoiding,
places we'd enjoyed for years.
For I knew that if I went there.
I'd have to leave again, in tears.

It takes time to ease an aching heart.
But slowly we come through.
And though I've accepted you are gone.
I can't stop missing, or stop loving you.

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Jan 26, 2018
Wrong Title!
by: Richard John Scarr

This poem is being displayed under the wrong title.I wrote it, so I should know. The real title of this poem is "A Journey Grief" Darling Child is a totally different poem, which I also wrote. I have pointed out this mistake to you on two other occasions. Log into Creative Funeral Ideas and you will see both poems under their true titles. For goodness sake either correct it or delete it!
Richard John Scarr

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