Death where is thy pangs

by Bankole Adebowale Kingsley
(Lagos Nigeria)

When the mirror is broken you no longer see your image. On that dreadful day 29/3/19 that you departed this world to join the saints it has not been same again for me.
Daddy you were the mirror at which I looked at at life,the mirror at which I looked at myself and now that you are gone my life is so empty that I feel it in my solace is the fact that you live a righteous life. Every moments of your life is like a book on a path towards heavenly bliss..
Thomas Adetunji Bankole. When I close my eyes the image of you is all I see...the summary of our togetherness from cradle to your exit lingers on my mind it's a memory that even death can't erased...
Your departure has made me broken and transformed me into a man. Not by gender but by willingness to do what great men do knowing that death is the end of every mortal. The transformation that life is vain and everything in it is vanity.
This death won't separate us as I would soon grow old and exit just like you did and we meet again soon to continue as father and son.then my son also would pay tributes to me like I am doing this morning to your blessed memory.
Rest in the lord true soldier of faith. Adiu my mirror.

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