Love Never Ends....

by Donna

My son was always welcoming to everyone, especially his family. People around him would always say that he bragged about his brothers,sister and parents. He was thoughtful about others and their needs. He had a healthy diet and lifestyle by working out and keeping fit. He wasn't feeling well the week before his demise, but thought it was the flu. On the day he passed I talked to him and he told me that he was feeling better, so I was happy to hear that. But, not many hours later he was found on the floor and he passed having a heart attack. He was a hard worker, finished college, was a professional athlete and was in a professional career that was going well. He had so many expectations in his life and was going to fulfill them.

We enjoyed visiting him often, even though we lived over 1,700 miles away. He did want to come home and his wish would have come though the following year. So many things make me upset because his dreams were not fulfilled. It hurts me that he was not given the opportunities after doing all the right things.

God must have needed good people in heaven. God please take care of a man that was a great person that is truly missed.


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