My son died because The health system failed him.

by Vita
(Riverside California)

My son Marcus died 4/8/2019 He was a mentally ill homeless person, Marcus also had a OCD for cleaning and cleaning his hands body restrooms. On 3/26/2019 he stopped by our home so we can take him to the hospital because he cleaned himself with a cleaning substance called AWESOME. Marcus looked like a monster, his face, hands, and neck were crackly skin and swollen. At the hospital ER they kept him for a few hours and sent him home. He was prescribed a rash ointment and nothing else. On 4/8/2019 he died of the chemicals on his organs,suffer from rapid heart beat, and low pressure,then his body shut down and he passed away. The sad part is that he hospital and local sheriff call me after he died, therefore I did not get to be with him at that moment. Also the hospital had him as homeless, no family, and unknown cause of death. I still have not buried my son, but the question of what else could I have done bothers me a lot.

Thank You Very Much

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Sep 05, 2020
my condolences
by: Anonymous

I am so very sorry to read about the death of your son, Marcus. I am a bereaved Mother too. My heart is with you,

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