Visualizing Your Spiritual Journey
Weekend Retreats


Because I moved away, my friend Mary now offers these retreats alone. Both she and I are also available to offer similar retreats for other groups.

Dates for the 2010-2011 year:

Sept 10-12, Nov 5-7, Jan 14-16, March 4-6, May 6-8


This retreat provides space for participants to explore their spiritual journey through scrapbooking, photography, and other visual arts.

No art experience is necessary, just a desire to enrich your prayer life and connect with God in new ways around your life story.

Both Mary and I found the artistic expression of life journey to be healing as we worked through grief following the death of family members. Mary enjoys working with paper collage and fabric. I enjoy writing, scrapbooking, and photography.

We will be using the metaphor of a tree to picture our lives—

Sept/Nov weekends we focus on our roots:

- the past, our family, history, childhood
- we will reflect on what was most and least life-giving to from our past
- we will reflect on how we felt God present or absent in our past
- reflection activities will provide a way of expressing our emotions and desires related to our history
- we will ask ourselves what where we might need healing and how we can hold that before God

Jan/Mar weekends focus on the trunk:

- these months will include similar exercises with new focus of looking at our present situation in life
- we will look at what currently sustains us and gives us life
- our focus will be on who we are in our inner core and how we relate to God in that centered place
- we will ask ourselves what we need in life to continue to strengthen our interior life

May weekend focus on the branches/leaves:

- again similar exercises with new focus
- look at how we live and reach out into the world
- how we carry the presence of God into our world


- camera (a digital will allow immediate printing of photos)
- art and scrapbook supplies you enjoy using
- a few extra dollars to contribute to printing expenses
- old magazines (National Geographic are excellent)

The retreat is hosted by Kairos: School of Spiritual Formation. For more info contact the Kairos office at 717-669-2957 or register online at the Kairos website.

If you have questions, you may also feel free to contact me directly through the "contact me" tab.

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