for chris

by tracy brown
(columbus ohio)

when tragedy strikes
black death swift
sharp as a guillotine
headless, mindless
bloodless, icey body falls, fallen children
pools of blood
horror, terror
though shall not kill, though shall not kill. someone
LISTEN. chris moved my furniture this summer
we laughed together. he seemed
like he was being pulled in 10 directions
I wanted to help him. we went to whetstone
and signed up for high school
he wanted to keep a car and a cell phone
he needed money. he tried the "school thing goddamn he dropped out again
his dreams fell hard. the blood rained down
the drain, down to the Goddamn sewer
thet day his blood
was pouring out of his body
he was going to pay his Bill's
his goddamn cell phone
it was a late summer afternoon something was coming
death was knocking, don't fucking answer
Tsunami whisper please do listen
now your car sits
your cell phone waits
tony whisper, come and listen
wait. hold my breath
dropping like flies
good guy
bang bang your dead

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