God's most perfect Angel went back to heaven

by Doug
(Lenoir City, TN USA)

That smile from God

That smile from God

February 20th, 2021 my best friend, my wife and my soul mate for 40 years left me for her heavenly home. She battled cancer on earth until it defeated her, she had been sick for several years and all the so called medical experts misdiagnosed her month after month and year after year until finally after I put my foot down and made them keep looking they found she had small cell lymphoma in her lungs.

When she passed from earth to heaven she was in my arms. My heart shattered into a million pieces never to be reassembled again. God had entrusted me with one of his most perfect beautiful angels and I failed to protect her and help to get her well. He passing leaves a whole in my life so vast that I can not see the future for the void. Every single happy thought revolves around my sweet Teresa Kay. Every single smile involved her and was due to her. I would wake up smiling and happy each morning and all it took was seeing her face and eyes. Now I wish not to awake, but to sleep eternally. I have no hope, no drive, no ambition but one, to make my way to her. She is the center of my universe and I love her so much that I would offer my own immortal soul if she needed it. I will never love another woman or anyone like that again, 40 years with angel can never be replaced or substituted. I love her now and forever until all time ends.

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