Bereavement Interviews
Grief and Loss and Healing

Bereavement interviews is the start of a new section on this site. I have long had the desire to share from a wider variety of grief stories. Although I wish I could have learned the lessons sorrow taught me in other ways, it was indeed a great teacher. This is a section to gather the wisdom of many who have walked the difficult road of grief and loss.

Brian's Interview About Photography and Grief shows how he used photography to help himself deal with the stressful illness and death of his wife.

Tommy Mann's Miscarriage Grief Interview gives us a window into the Mann's journey of three miscarriages before the birth of their daughter.

Renee Wood, founder of The Comfort Company, worked with the bereaved as a medical social worker. She feels our society has a long way to go in acknowledging the pain of those in grief. When she struggled to find an appropriate sympathy gift for her sister-in-law, she decided to design her own. To her surprise it turned into a whole company.

Grief and the Holidays: Ian's Gift is an interview with Amy Mapes as she shares some of the unique ways she has worked at honoring the memory of her son.

Holly Haas of Caring for Carleigh shares her story of receiving an anencephaly diagnosis several months into her pregnancy with Carleigh. Holly's decision was to carry her daughter to full term and honor the short life she was given.

Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation Director Michele Neff Hernandez became a young widow in 2005 and in the space of a few years instigated the formation of an organization that is helping many widowed people and others work through their bereavement.

Marsha Cuttill-Price creator of Breathings of the Heart blog tells about her grief and learning to be a single parent after the death of her husband.

How to Deal with Grief through Kindness is an interview with Rebecca Renaud whose 17 year-old daughter was killed in a car accident. Rebecca started practicing random acts of kindness to help her cope with her pain.

Bethany Tobin's Art and Grief Bethany grew up in Thailand, where she met Sombong. Sombong's life was filled with injustice and pain. She died of AIDS in her early twenties. Bethany turned to drawing and painting to work through her anger and emotions.

Mary J Luquette grieved the loss of her husband, parents, and two brothers within the space of three years. She turned herself into an artist as she quilted to work through her pain.

Paul Stutzman, author of Hiking Through was living the stressful, busy life of a restaurant manager when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. After a year of struggling to work through his grief, he decided to quit his job and fulfill a long-time dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Andrea Row was living her dream life when her husband was tragically killed in a work accident. In her interview she tells about her own journey as well as the grief of her two preschool children on the loss of their dad.

Jason and Janelle Myers-Benner were expecting their second daughter when concern over the baby’s size arose changing an otherwise normal pregnancy into a high-risk one. Nora Lynne lived 7 months. This interview is longer than some as both Jason and Janelle agreed to respond to the questions. I find it to be a helpful reflection on how a couple worked through their grief together, honoring the other's uniqueness.

Tim Nelson is the father of a still-born daughter, Kathleen. He has written two books and speaks on what he has learned from his grief journey. He also has a blog especially for fathers who are grieving the loss of a baby.

Stacy Delisle is a mother whose first child miscarried and her second, a son named Isaac, lived only 16 minutes. She is an avid blogger and woman of strong faith. Read her story of loss and continued steps to healing.

If you would like to add your grief story to this website, you can do so at Grief Stories.

Keep checking back as more bereavement interviews will be added in the weeks to come.

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