Seasons of Solace
Janelle Shantz Hertzler

Seasons of Solace: A Story of Healing through Photos and Poems is a book about my own grief journey and my struggle to find healing. The story is told through narrative, slice-of-life poems, alongside nature photos that metaphorically speak to my emotions.

I did not set out to publish when I started writing these poems. I set out to find healing through writing. The poems express raw emotion. And I found that as I wrote them, emotion that seemed frozen within me began to thaw.

Eventually I began to share the poems with others. People told me how hearing my story helped them identify their own grief in their lives. For some it was illness or disability; for others it was a loss of dreams. But somehow they found that they too experienced a healing as they read or heard the poems.

As Donald Hall has said, "Poetry enacts our own losses so that we can share the notion that we all lose--and hold each other's hand, as it were, in losing."

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"Seasons" Greeting Cards
There are now blank greeting cards and sympathy cards available, which use the photos from Seasons of Solace.

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First Two Poems
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