Reflections on our lives
Reflections of your success's and fails
Hunting there in the mist
Walking quietly to your stand
Looking to see the beauty....   oh, so fair
Sometimes confronted by the confusion there.

Can you feel it in this …
The coolness of the early morn
Or are you still digging, hands all soiled
To find the places where you got foiled...
To find the places where your Love got hidden
When Life didn't do your bidding.

Is it that you are swimming against all the currents
Just as likely walking on the sidewalk with everyone else coming at you
You see your image in the shop windows as you go by
Wind blowing your long coat open with the rush, as if to fly
Like the parakeet that only knows the extent of its cage
Perched at the open door, not daring to go out into perceived rage.

The pond this morning is still
The trees nearby stand quiet as if sentinels
Creating the reflection of an exact upside down mirror image
You pause your walk and enjoy the timeless view, as if in an older age
And you're thinking:  It's not just your house of make believe...
Perhaps you're seeing things there, that will not leave.

Remembering Mom's death, some three years ago
Cannot forget the impostor that she became
There her stage was slowly falling down
It's that Alzheimer's is not just only a noun
I ask the memory of who she really was to come talk to me
God, I miss her.  Please help me, with this. Just be.

The pond is more than still
No mist rising, sort of a bit surreal
You see that, what is reflected, apparently so
The mirrored reflection won't let your eyes go
Do you know when to quit?
To just stop there, and sit.

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