KOI THAI SIOW 19/5/43 - 5/7/18

by Lai Yoke Lian
(Malaysia, Selangor)

Grandma pics by your granddaughter

Grandma pics by your granddaughter

I love you mama, words could never enough to describe how much I miss you. I keep myself occupied as much as I could in order to skip a moments to remind myself that you were gone and rest in Buddha's arm now.

Rest in peace mama, I love you and you are such an amazing person to me. You gave us all the best you could, yet we took those selfless loves from you for granted and never ever thought there were a day this would come to an end.

Mama, you are tired I know for giving us such an never ending supply of loves and patience to us, your children and grandchildren..

Mama, you will always in my mind and never forget those days we spend our times together....

Mama, please move on and cross the rainbow ..you will find peace and rest in Buddha's arms forever....

Miss you and love you
Your only daughter

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