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Online grief counseling is rapidly growing, as is online counseling in general. At first I was a bit suspicious, "Were these real counselors or just someone trying to make a quick buck off the internet?" So I decided to check it out.

The internet being what it is, there are definitely people out there passing themselves off as counselors, who haven’t really had any training or experience. However, I have been connecting with some of the counselors at LivePerson

and have discovered that there are many with excellent qualifications and many years of experience in traditional counseling.

The next question I had was, “Is online counseling really beneficial? Don’t we need the face to face contact?” I asked some the LivePerson counselors

what they felt were the benefits of online counseling through their service at LivePerson. Here are some of their responses:

Benefits of Online Grief Counseling:

  • you are not limited by services available in your geographic location
  • its convenient—work hours or childcare needs or the time it takes to get ready and drive somewhere are not a big factor in online counseling
  • the higher level of anonymity helps people feel comfortable and in many cases speeds up the clients' willingness to offer full disclosure
  • there are many choices with online counselors—if one doesn’t feel right for you, it is easy to change to another therapist
  • there are therapists available 24 hours a day
  • there is increased privacy for those who might face a stigma of getting outside help

Online Therapy Might Not Be Right For:

  • those who may need medication—prescriptions cannot be given out online
  • those who are suicidal or homicidal need intervention from their local community
  • those who are not comfortable reading or typing

Of course, only you can decide for yourself what type of counseling will work best for you. Also, different people will fit better with different online counselors. Therefore, I decided to interview several different counselors to help you get a better idea of which counselor would be the best for you.

Read Interviews with These Online Counselors:

Barbara Freedman Interview
Ken Fields Interview
Robert Ambrose Interview
Marnie MaCauley Interview
Mary Hein Interview

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