The Weight Of Grief

by Amanda Jo Phillips

There is this sculpture of grief where a person is collapsed on their knees, gripping their chest. It is an amazing depiction of the pain and anguish grief brings. So much love held imprisoned inside our chests. Heartache more vast than we could possibly imagine. A black hole powerfully sucking the life out of us. Oceans of tears we cry trying to fill the void. The initial gut punch straight to the heart knocks the wind right out of our soul. We gasp for air. Gravity pulls us into the void. As time passes slowly, our hearts strap in for the rollercoaster ride of emotions. Some days still bring us to our knees, the weight sucking us back into that hole. Some days we are so thankful to breathe easier. We learn to experience life in moments full of unbearable pain and unbelievable joy. We hold onto memories of the past that we will never recreate and breathe deeply into the memory making moments we live each day. Tucking that empty hole back inside our chest, it is nestled in with all the love and all the pain all at once.

Amanda Jo Phillips

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