Goodbye Father... Till we meet again someday...

by Nazario Atienza Jr

To be honest I dont really know what to say. Maybe I’ll start by saying I love you so much and I miss you dearly. You and mother raised us well. Even though we dont have much money back then, you and mom was able to provide and made sure we got our college degrees. You guys manage to bring happines and comfort. Sure, life is not always happy and had our ups and downs, but we were able to manage. I’m not a perfect son. I had a lot mean streak. I used to raised my voice against you when we quarreled and obviousy disrespected you. I disobeyed you occationally. And I’m vey sorry. I still cant believe that youre gone. And I find it so hard to move on with my life knowing that I’ll never gonna hear your voice again or hug you once again. I promise to take good care of mother in your absence. Support my sisters when they need me. Continue to honor you by chasing my own happiness, I know you want me to be happy. Thank you my dear father. Please watch over all of us, watch over me. Again I love you.Till we meet again. Please rest in peace.

Your Son,
Nazario, Jr.

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