by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton England)

Hang the fairy lights and mistletoe.
And decorate the tree.
Leave mince pies out for Santa.
And my slippers out for me.

And I'll be there with you at Christmas.
For where else would I be?
But right there in the bosom
of my own dear family.

I will be sitting in my favourite chair.
And watching all you do.
And when you sing our favourite songs.
I will sing along with you.

I will be joining in those silly games,
we always used to play.
And hanging onto every word,
that each one has to say.

And when you tell me, you all love me.
And toast me, as you do.
Although you will not hear my voice.
I will tell you that, I love you too.

I will be there with you at Christmas.
As I will be every year.
Until one by one you join me.
For a lovely Christmas here.

Richard John Scarr

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