Seasons of Solace
Poetry Readings

Poetry readings based on the book Seasons of Solace have been presented in:

  • Sunday morning church services
  • special evening and mid-week meetings
  • small groups such as book clubs and support groups
  • retreat settings

The presentation can range in length from 15 minutes to over an hour depending on your needs. If you wish, music can be effectively incorporated into the presentation. For large groups a power point of photos from the book is presented along with the reading.

Can't get to a Live Poetry Reading?
If you'd like to hear Janelle read her poetry but can't get to a live poetry reading, check out this recording. The bonus feature is a video including the photographs she uses in live presentations.

grief audio

Endorsements for Poetry Readings
"When Janelle's husband was killed, she worked through her grief with poetry and photography--a remarkable congruence of words and images that resonates with experiences of loss and joy in most of our lives." - Howard Zehr, Professor of Restorative Justice, Eastern Mennonite University

"Through her experiences, Janelle has gained deep insight into the journey one goes through when living with disappointment. Through powerful and honest poetry, photographs, and music, the presentation guides the listener through an impactful experience that ends up where it begins...back into the arms of a loving, compassionate God." - Shawn Erb, Worship Pastor, Hosanna! A Fellowship of Christians

Day-long or weekend retreats can also be arranged where retreatants are invited into a healing space to process their own losses and disappointments in life.

Contact Janelle
Use the Contact Me form to ask about availability and further details.

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