Photo Essay
Memory Book for Deceased Mother

If you are interested in creating a memory book for deceased loved ones that also expresses the emotional loss you feel, you might be interested in taking a look at a photo essay book that I just discovered in Blurb.

Blurb is a program, which allows you to create your own books similar to Snapfish or Picaboo. Blurb is a little more technical and offers many more options. It also allows you to sell your book online to people that might be interested.

The book is called Lamentations and is made in honor of the author's late mother. The author photographed his mother's house shortly after she died. Even though I do not know this man or his mother, the photos are strong and capture something of who his mother was. They also very much portrayed the vacant spot in his life now that she is gone. In this sense the book is also like a personal journal of the author's grief.

You can see it here. You can click on the link and it will open in a new window, so you can see this beautiful example while reading about how to create your own similar book.

If Blurb feels technically beyond what you would like to learn, try Snapfish or Picaboo. You could also create something similar using a paper scrapbook with prints.

1) Photograph scenes that you associate with your loved one. For this photographer it was an empty chair, kitchen, bed, closet, etc. It could be the car, the spot at the piano, the bench in the park, the work bench, the pew at church, or their garden.

2) Think about whether or not you want to use color or black and white. This author used black and white and it was very effective for the tone of the book.

3) Also notice the absence of words. It creates a mood for the book. Some people have no words to express their inner emotion during the initial loss of a loved one. Some people are more verbal. If expressing your feelings about the images with words fits you, go ahead and do that.

4) The photos in this book work so well because they focus on small areas or one object. Photos of a whole room loose their impact. The audience isn't sure where they are to focus. The photo of the chair feels like it should have someone sitting in it. In the photo with only the phone, we notice that the photo is about the phone and no one is talking on it. Experiment with the angle and distance of your photos until you get one that creates the mood you want.

5) Simple will always be most powerful for this type of book. Save the embellishments for the memory books that tell celebratory stories of your loved one's life. The stark nature of the book fits with the starkness of death and loss.

You might also enjoy looking at more ideas about creating photos to express emotions in the photo reflections section of the site.

For more ideas for creating a memory book for deceased loved ones return to memory book page.

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