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So you’re wondering if My Memories Suite is the right digital scrapbook software for you?

Perhaps you are like my mother who has shoeboxes full of photos stashed away in cupboards. Or perhaps you are like me who has digital photos in files stashed away on hard drives or CDs. The goal for each is similar—getting those photos organized in an attractive manner for others to view and enjoy!

On this site I write a lot about creating memory books honoring deceased loved ones. However, I also enjoy creating digital scrapbooks of my and my son’s life. I’ve used a variety of programs over the years and recently have been hearing especially good things about My Memories Suite. So I decided to check it out for myself. If you are unfamiliar with it, here is one of their promos:

My goal for this article is to let you know what I’ve learned (both good and bad) about the program and help you see if this software is right for you…

What My Memories Suite?

My Memories Suite has become a popular and top rated digital scrapbook software. The program was designed to give pages the look of a professional designer’s work and the ease of use that the average person appreciates. According to Sharlene Hawkes from the parent company Story Rocks—if you can write an email, you can use My Memories Suite.

Some General Features:

  • options for downloading software or ordering a program CD
  • program loads onto your computer so you don’t have to be online to edit
  • drag and drop photos directly into pages created in the program
  • optional auto fill allows you to create a book in minutes
  • choice of professional designed pages or create your own using a wide variety of backgrounds and embellishments
  • a wide variety of editing features give specific control over details on pages
  • a wide variety of fonts, sizes and colors available
  • ability to edit photos right on pages
  • ability to export pages as JPG, PNG, or PDF files for multiple uses, ie. turn your album pages into a calendar or have a mug made for Grandma
  • both PC and Mac compatible

ScrapBook Software - MyMemoriesSuite

My Memories Suite’s Major Benefits

One of the features that I appreciate about My Memories Suite is that you can upload your book to buy professionally bound books or you can print the page layouts from your own computer. When I first made a digital storybook for my son about his dad’s life, I used a free software program and the only option for printing was to get the company to print a professional bound book for $60. As a commemorative book, I didn’t mind doing that, but then I didn’t really want to let my toddler enjoy the book on his own. It would have been great to have a homemade option until he was old enough to handle the professionally made book.

Along the same lines, it is nice to be able to print out a rough draft for editing. There is nothing worse than the excitement of getting your book back from printing only to find a typo that you somehow missed on the screen.

As much as I enjoyed traditional scrapbooking, for the time and money digital scrapbooking and My Memories Suite in particular can’t be beat. My son and I recently took a trip to Florida. I had my laptop along. Three or four evenings after walking all over the parks, I put my feet up, uploaded my photos, and recorded the stories of the past couple days right into my software. By the time we got home, the book was done and ready for printing.

What Others are Saying

I spent some time hunting around to see what others were saying both positively and negatively about the program. I found a lot of positive comments similar to these:

I’m pretty happy with what the program can do. The software is very intuitive and walks you through choosing background paper, adding photos from your computer, adding/editing text, and a few other fun goodies.

– Smallgood Hearth

The software is easy to navigate and I created a new page layout within ten minutes of using it. I like the fact that it is easy to crank out the pages and it didn't take me a long time to create one page. Not to mention I didn't have scraps of paper lying around, glue under my nails, wasted time looking for the perfect paper or suffered paper cuts from creating a page.

– Wife of a Wounded Soldier

I found many great reviews about the product itself. However, I also found some raving, angry comments by people who did not purchase the program through the actual My Memories Suite official website. Read the next section for more on this.

Buy It Safely and with a Discount

Apparently there are some companies (including one big name company, I’m generally a fan of) who are selling an upgrade version as if it were the full program. In other words, they are selling a Version 3 upgrade add-on that is meant for people who already have Version 1 or 2. But these companies are falsely advertizing as if what they are selling is the full and complete program.

Thus it is best to buy from the official My Memories Suite site, to which I link to below. They are now offering a $10 off coupon with the following code:


Select the code above and copy it (right-click on the selected text and choose Copy, or click Ctrl + C on the keyboard on a Windows computer or Cmd + C on a Mac). Click the link below. On the right select "Add to Cart." Paste the coupon code into the coupon box as you check out, and you will be given the discounted price.

Click here to buy My Memories Suite from the official site and use the coupon code

(The above link will open in a new window, so that if need be you can easily come back and recopy the coupon code when checking out. If you wish to click through to My Memories Suite in the same widow click the banner below.)

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