Tribute to my wonderful husband and friend, Victor Olamide Ogundimu

by Jokotola Ojosipe-Ogundimu
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Special Tribute to my Wonderful Husband and Friend, Victor Olamide Ogundimu

When we spoke on the phone at 10.58 a.m. on Monday 6th July, 2015, little did I know that it would be the last moment of over 25 years relationship I shared with a very wonderful, loving and caring man.

Even though I was afraid of going into relationship with a married man, but you persevered for over five years and I finally conceded when I realised that you would be the best father to my son Ropo; and you did not disappoint me at any point in time.

I knew I was in a relationship with a good man, but who knows that in this busy world our relationship would keep getting better. I am so glad we found a quiet place filled with peace together. All the love we felt for each other, the thoughts of happy times, the sharing of our dreams and wishes are my consolation in this devastating moment.

Your good works live after you:
I adore your courage that kept you to stay happy even when health issues slowed you down in bringing joy to the lives of many.
I adore your integrity and sincerity in every circumstance.
I adore your magnanimity towards everyone you could help.
I adore your bravery and total commitment to all just and noble causes that are of benefit to humanity.
The legacies you left on all the paths you trod make us proud of you as our own.

Our relationship:
How can I forget how you sparked and spiced my life with joy and laughter when hope was lost.
How can I forget how you faithfully supported me while bringing up our wonderful children.
How can I forget the depth of our friendship and your unfailing love that gave me peace throughout our relationship.
How can I forget your unflinching support when you've had to advise or even develop my minutes of meetings when I grew tired and weary.
How can I forget how you fervently supported every aspect of my progress.
How can I forget how you spoke to us everyday and struggled to be with us every Saturday up to a week before you passed on to glory, despite your state of health.

I give God all the glory and thanks for giving me the grace to share my life with a very wonderful man who feared God and left his foot prints in the sand of time by his good deeds.
Lande, you are the love of my life and I pray that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour will grant you eternal rest with Him in the Kingdom of God the Father, where we shall meet again and part no more. Sun re o eni iyi, eni eye.

Mrs. Jokotola Ojosipe- Ogundimu,

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