by Robert W LaRoche,Jr.
(Hortense, Ga.)

The gift God sent me from day one. It was true love at first sight.You will always be the love of my life to the day I die and then we will be joined together for eternity. I am so glad you chose me to be your husband. Angel you were the most precious loving wife and mother that ever existed. If you only knew how much you taught me in our journey here on earth together. You taught me how to truly treat a women and be that special man! They will never be another woman that will be able to come close to filling your shoes. You are a one of a kind, my one and only true love. I would give my last breath to be with you again my true love. God obviously has a plan in store for us,my love. Until we meet again my angel I will think about you daily. I long to hold you in my arms for ever and ever.

Your loving Husband,
Robert W LaRoche, Jr.

PS. I'm trying to make the family one again. If you could possibly make your mother understand someway please help me out. I sure do miss our little angels. My goal is to have them all back together as a family by the grace of God. Sarah,Robert,Matthew and I miss Brittany, Austin and Kaylynn with all of our hearts.

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