Struggling to Thrive
Reflecting on My Life

Editors Note: Struggling to Thrive is a reflection on one of my spring photos. I love to use photos as journaling prompts.

Struggling to Thrive

When I look at this photo, I see fragility. This slight flower growing at the base of a large tree speaks to me of how overpowering life can feel at times, especially in the midst of grief and pain.

I feel amazed at the hidden strength of this flower. It seems so insignificant next to the tree. It flourishes in a place where the tree must take most of the nutrients out of the soil. I was drawn to this flower because today I feel like I am struggling to grow next to a giant that unintentionally seems to be taking all that nourishes me. Can I continue to grow like this flower? Can I show my beautiful colors in a background of shades of gray? I feel so uncertain.

I know that this flower would not have flourished if it did not find light, water, and nourishment in the soil. It is not overcome by the giant next to it. It is not diminished by its small size. I know that the source of life for this flower is also present for me, for my growth. I can rest in that trust.

Digital Scrapbook Journaling

For many people a scrapbook journal is a blank journal book, while writing and gluing in photos. These days, with all my photos being digital, I prefer digital journals. I scroll through my photo files and find the photo I want to use for journaling. Then I upload it into my digital scrapbook software and do my journaling there as well. With My Memories Suite you can print these pages from your home printer as you go along. So you get the best of both worlds--easy access to your digital photos, with a printed journal to browse back through.

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