Rodger Bruce Brailey

by andrea Brailey
(Riverside, Ca USA)

This is to honor my husband, Rodger Bruce Brailey,who passed away on September 9, 2010. He loved his daughter's Crystal Dawn, Tiffany Lynne and April Marie with all his heart. I am so grateful he was able to see 2 of his 5 grandchildren and enjoy them before he went to be with our heavenly father above.

Rodger had a tough life growing up as did his many sibling's, but in the last few year's of his life he made peace with God and those who he was able to communicate with.

We miss him so much, I miss his encouraging word's every day to me,even if he didn't feel well. He loved his children very much and I know they will see daddy and grandpa in heaven, where there is no sadness, pain, grief, hatred, only LOVE ,Peace and Joy with Jesus. Crystal,Tiffany, April and I look forward to being with you and our heavenly father for eternity. Love forever and ever your Tinkerbell!!!!!

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Jul 19, 2016
Peace and comfort
by: Anonymous

It has been almost 6 yrs. today for some reason i can't explain, i'm feeling very alone. I asked our heavenly father to give me peace to keep going. I feel the Lord has more for me here and i humble myself in his presence. My thoughts and prayer's go to the survivors of the tragedies that have taken place in our country. I pray for people for the families of those who have passed on. May God our heavenly Father comfort all of you and give you peace until you see your loved ones again. In his service!

Aug 05, 2011
by: Andrea

My dearest husband, I miss you so very much and so do your daughter's Crystal and Tiffany. They gave us two beautiful grandchildren, which i'm so happy you got to spend time with, they loved their grandpa too! Ariana still talk's about grandpa Rod, of course Kilinn is only a yr. and a half , but i'll bet my last dollar he know's your picture.

I was very blessed to have 28 yrs. of marriage with you(as of July 14th, it,s 29 yrs ) some rocky, but alot of good memories sweetheart. I think of you every day, but know that you are no longer suffering. No more pain, loneliness, worry or fear. You made peace with God and your children and I know you are rejoicing in heaven. We will see you there someday!!!It will be a year September 9,2010, but it feel's like yesterday. I will alway's LOVE and MISS you my darling!!!!! Your Tinkerbell

Aug 05, 2011
Remember and Hope
by: Janelle


Thanks for sharing of both your sorrow and your hope. I am just writing an introduction for an e-workshop that I'm going to offer on this site, and I was writing about how it is important to honor both our pain and find hope for the future. Then I read your tribute, where you did both.

So keep remembering and keep open to hope as you walk this journey of loss.

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