My handsome Blue Eyed Funny Man

by Lily Joy Data
(New Albin, IA)

Every year I celebrate September 8th, your birthday on earth. What a wonderful day it was for your parents, I and our children are so fortunate that they took the journey of family life beginning with you. Today, January 28, is that day you were born to eternal life and my belief that you are at home with God is a reason for joy, albeit bittersweet for those of us who loved you here on earth. I still miss your humor, I do not know anyone who could ever match your wit. I miss your singing, how you could melt my heart with your voice. Your snoring, good grief I was married to a bear! The unending love you had for our children, you were always so proud of them, amazed and bewildered by them and all their antics and accomplishments. I miss your animation in response to life. It was never dull, that face of yours could emote so much without a word. I live on here, and love on, and watch with pride our children and I see you in their faces and in the face of our grandson Ssm. Shortly before you passed you told a friend of mine that you knew I would go on and that I would be ok when you were gone. It has helped me tremendously knowing you had that much faith in me. Thank you. Thank you for all that we shared, all that we experienced. You will always be my love.

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