Kennet L. Minaker a consumate physician

by Colleen Minaker
(Newton Ma.)

To Ken,
So many of us deeply miss you, your warm, grace and caring gentle ways. Every patient you saw received the best of care.
Why did you leave us all behind? Without you we will lose our way.
You taught us so much about science and the joy of problem solving. You were energetic about so many different aspects of life and learning. Nothing was to difficult for you to tackle.
The MGH and many doctors and other staff members relied on your keen depth of understanding. No one can replace you. Our family grieves for our loss of you. For each one you were always there with a smile and shoulder to help bear troubles.
Everyone who knew you felt your warm glow. You were too young to leave us. You had so much more to give. During the 3 dark years of your cancer treatments you fought hard to beat back the illness. Such courage and determination. Such an inspiration to us all who had to helplessly watch as you lost all that meant so much to you. Farewell, we will never be the same without your strong presence.

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