JAMES D. KNASEL JR. LOVE OF MY LIFE April10,1963-Sept.15,2010

(sidney ohio usa)

You saved my life in so many ways.You came into my life when I needed someone most. Now that your gone I don't know how to go on. You were the best part of me, you are my heart, your are my soul. Sometimes when I think of you it hurts so bad I can't breathe. I love you so much I can't let go.

Jim if your reading this you made the years we had together the best of my life. You were a wonder man, you were a great husband to me and I thank you for all we shared. You were not only my husband you were my best friend, my lover, my protecter, my everything, I hope I made you half as happy as you made me. I'll always love you, my eternal love Stacy

I loved you from the start
Even now till death did you
You'll forever be in my

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Apr 10, 2015
With Tears in my eyes!
by: Steffon

Hello Stacy,
We do not know each other and fait would have me come across your tribute as I sit here with a heavy heart myself on this day April 10, 2015. You see my wife of many years was called home to be with the Lord and I had to do a double take when I seen that the love of your life James and my wife Alice was born on the same day April 10th and they both passed one day apart (My wife September 16th 2010). So I felt compelled to reach out and to let you know that although we do not know each other I am saying a prayer for you as we speak that God comforts you in remembrance of your love one.

Oct 17, 2011
your loss
by: Janelle


I'm so sorry for your loss. It is not easy getting over the death of a husband. My thoughts are with you and your family today. I hope that you will find some of the information on the site as helpful to you as it was to me in the early years when I was grieving the death of my husband.

A Spanish poet, Antonio Machado said, "Traveler, there is no path. We make the path by walking." I feel that applies so well to grief. We all have to go through it in our own way, yet we do find common elements in reading each others stories.

May you find ways to keep open to beauty and hope as you move through the second year without your husband's physical presence.

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