In loving memory of Adeoye Olubunmi Okanlami

by Motilayo
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Words Can't Explain How Much I Miss You!!! – ADEOYE OLUBUNMI OKANLAMI

I don’t think that you ever imagined how much pain I would be in once you were gone,
Because if you had; you wouldn’t have left me.
Words cannot express the amount of emotions that have come with trying to let you go.
Every day has been a struggle.
It's still hard for me to grasp that you're really gone.
Sometimes, still, I don’t know what to do with myself.
There have been days that I haven’t wanted to get out of bed,
And days that if I allowed myself, I could cry and cry and cry.
And I still sit and stare at your pictures,

I miss your voice.
I miss your smile,
Your phone calls
And your comforting ways.

I am always missing you so incredibly much!

Adeoye, Iyeru okin omo olofa mojo, omo olalomi abisu jonko, ijakadi lo ro offa. Sun re o

In loving memory of Adeoye Olubunmi Okanlami

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