I loved you from the start; until death we did part

by Gladys Jeanette Canfield Swan
(Sterlington, La)

I loved you from day one
it seems like we never met, but knew each other all the time
From our beginning to the very end
each day with you was a joy, we were only building precious memories of all the yesterday's we shared.
Every day of 23 years are treasures to behold
Each night we would lay and talk are now pots of gold
Oh!!! If I only knew the last night we spent together was your last here on earth....to rise to a brand new life...
a life I never knew....now all I have are tear filled eyes and a heart torn apart...to spend all my tomorrows without you, from which I could swiftly dart....
But as I strive to press forwardly ahead
I know the GOD I serve will gently rock my bed,
And softly whisper in my ear, go ahead and cry my child,
for its only for a while---the two of you will be a part
Until that day when I'll give to you both a brand new start, its then I will turn to my SAVIOUR and gratefully say..."Thanks to you my LORD as I anxiously wait for that special day"....so Yes Odell I loved you from the start....Each and Evey day...until death we did part. Gladys!!!

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