Dear Bapak, A Loving Husband and Daddy

by Ari Listiani

I miss your voice, my favourite tone ever
I miss your bright smile, one thing that always makes me crazy of you
I miss your gentle touch to my hair, that makes me feel to be loved unconditionally
I miss your naughty laughter, that always cheer me up when I feel down
I miss your body fragrance, that always become my favourite odour
I miss your warm kisses, that show your true love for me
I miss your soothing hugs, that always can calm me down
I miss every moment we spent together, things that are killing me
I miss reading your SMS, BBMs, saying 'I Love You, Honey", the most beautiful words I wanna hear
I even miss to fight with you, something that we even forget when the last we did...

I miss all about you, more than words can say...

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