christopher david colston

by Karen Colston

in memory of my loving husband chris who died after a traumatic time for us both as he was dying of Cancer, we both had the Cancer we both lost our lives in different ways, he was so determined to make sure everyone else was ok, we got married just four weeks before he died so that i would be secure, he lives on in me, he touched the lives of many around him and they live with him in their hearts too. We were blessed to have shared this time on earth with him.

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May 01, 2011
My Bruv
by: Janet Swann

Even though 9 months have passed since you left us Chris, it seems like only yesterday that 4 became 3 and our lives changed forever. You were the eldest, the Head of the children of the family and yet we were powerless to stop what was happening to you. I was priviledged to share the last precious months with you, I learnt things about you I never knew - how generous of heart you were, how selfless you were at a time when you had more right than ever to be inward focusing but you felt you had to take care of everyone before you could rest. But the inner strength you seemed to have that kept you going until everything was done is something I and everyone who knew you will always be in awe of.

Always my bruv, always my mate.
Little Sis xxxxx

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