My beloved son died yesterday March 2nd from a heart attack. He was 46. I can't help but feel mad and numb at the same time. Why I ask and yet maybe the question should be why not ?We human beings don't want to let go of our loved ones and yet we must .It was his time to go God has him now and I know he is taking good care of him.Some people never experience life the way he did the outpour of love from all his relatives and friend was overwhelming. He.truly was very special and although I will always miss him I know he's happy because he was a happy guy. We are hurting bad this I can honestly say is the worst pain I've experienced in my life.I know life goes on and I must go on for my other children and grandchildren. He will always be in my heart and one day I will be seeing him again and tell him how much I've missed hi.

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Mar 13, 2019
by: Anonymous

I always ask WHY? I lost my son, Scott who was my pride and joy. He watched what he ate and would comment on our bad choices. He worked out, watched his diet and took good care of himself. Scott finished college, worked hard and was achieving his goals in life. I spoke to him hours before his death telling me he was feeling better after having a few days of not feeling well. I still ask Why?? him before me, children are supposed to live longer then their parents. God I miss him and his hospitality when we would go visit him for weeks to get away from the cold. He made us feel welcomed beyond what was expected. I love and miss him so much..
It has been over 3 years and the pain and misery never goes away. I talk to him by looking at his picture and memories of him with his smile.

God bless you and our sons.

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