When People Grieve
Paula D’Arcy

I highly recommend When People Grieve

by Paula D’Arcy for both those struggling with grief and friends of those who are grieving. It is a book loaded of practical advice for the confusion of grief. Paula offers advice on helpful ways to be present to the bereaved, things not to say, and things to do. She covers significant aspects of the grief process, as well as specific suggestions, such as dealing with holidays.

Paula shows through story how her friends stood with her and in love broke through her resolve to shut out the world because of her pain. Yet her 30 years of experience working with the bereaved has taught her that every person grieves differently, and she gives guidance in being sensitive to the diversity of needs the bereaved may have. She points out how challenging it can be to be a loving friend to the bereaved. A friend may reach out and receive nothing in return—even be pushed away. Paula signs her books, “The final say is love.” Befriending the bereaved in the midst of their pain and confusion is an exercise in love, and Paula’s book is a helpful guide for the journey.

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