When a Loved One Dies
Philip Williams

When a Loved One Dies

by Philip Williams is a best-selling classic that was updated in 2001. Philip Williams is a pastor and former hospital chaplain and writes from a Christian perspective on the journey of bereavement. Chapters are one-two pages of easy reading that includes story, scripture reading and a prayer. Although I didn’t have this book during my own grief journey, I always recommend books with short reading selections for those in grief.

A thought-provoking quote from the book, “In Christ, life is intended to have purpose. Perhaps we all too easily become worshipers of life. We may make life itself into an idol. If all our marbles are in a basket called life, death may indeed be the unwanted, purposeless intruder…to make anything, including life, into the ‘be all and end all,’ squeezes God out of the picture.”

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