What's Left Unsaid

by Therese

George died 7 months ago. He was my husband for 38 years, but my ex-husband for 4 months (not my choice). He fell 50 ft down a mountain side whilst on a visit to India and became quadriplegic, dying of complications 8 weeks after the accident. I was able to fly to India to be with him for the last 5 weeks of his life and to bring his body back. I didn’t expect him to die. He wasn’t able to speak because of the tracheotomy and breathing difficulties and so we weren’t able to communicate fully – there were so many things left unsaid; things I desperately wanted to talk about but felt I should wait until he was out of danger. By means of an alphabet system he told me he loved me and was sorry for the hurt he caused. I told him that I had never stopped loving him and was able to fulfill his request to see a priest a few days before he died(Deo Gratias). We were reconciling when he died and now I feel that I lost him twice. Grief still overwhelms me.

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May 31, 2010
I'm so sorry
by: Janelle


I'm so sorry to read this sad story. It seems so unfair that you should have to loose your love twice. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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