What Makes you a Mom!

My Tribute to my Mother ...First and Foremost, my mothers Beautiful, Supportive, loving and tough lady personality have been missed for over a dozen years! As her daughter, she knew my secrets, my weaknesses and how to always pick me up! I think she knew our true love was always by her side. She still tested her own love to me and others in her life. When I say tested, I mean she taught quietly and observed to see actions. She gave her love to teach us how to share our love and care for one another. She gave us freedom to make mistakes. Those Mistakes came back with consequences and Opinions; along with sleepless nights of discussions and tears. The closest person to the issue was given an opinion or opportunity to amendify the situation. If not it was open up to discussion. Too many times a discussion was chosen, that always ended in all involved receiving a two hour lecture that would make most kids beg their parents for forgiveness. Those lectures are the lectures that I most recall when making a heartfelt decision. AND What I miss most about calling MOM. I miss being in my 20's and calling my mom for that advice I all too quickly pushed to the back burner. I want her wisdom now. Luckily I have hints of it from her teachings. I hope she was right that I can fill in the blanks. "Figure it out!" I hear that quote from my mom almost daily and it pulls power from me - I will figure it out!

My Tribute to my mother is because of the patience she always had. The love she had for our family and friends and the strength she gave me along with the knowledge to take it all as it comes. And most of all her Understanding and Forgiveness! I Love You Mom. You're Heart and Love made you a MOM!

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