uncle muchy

by shenida

Uncle muchy, 18th may 2014. Thank you for all you have done for me and nick and for everything that we needed. For always being there for nick since the day he came out from the hospital when he got the surgery. U took him in like he was ur child. Bought so much tings for him and for his first bday. Its so sad u wouldn't be there to see him grow up and also for nick to c u to b able to remember u when he gets older. I'm very happy that I gave u, uncle muchy some happiness in your trying times with that child. I'm very sorry that I or nick wasn't there to c u one last time while u was alive but I'm very grateful that nick had an amazing great great uncle as you and thanks for all the memories and everyting since I was small and for giving me what I needed. I hope ur in peace after your long battle, after every surgery and having so much needles into u, tests and doctor's appointments. I know that was too much for u to handle but I just wish u was still here to see nick grow up and for his 2nd birthday. I will always remember you and will always remind nick that uncle muchy was there for him and gave him everything. I'm very happy that nick gave u happiness and laughter that I will always remember forever. May god always b with u and keep u in peace.

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