Tribute to my Hero. Sir Ifeanyi .P. Ikwuazom

Daddy I never believed that you will leave us on that faithful day. It happened like a movie and now you are no where to be found . the legacies you left behind and the unity you always bring amongst your family will never be forgotten , I promise to start from where you stopped dad. Having you as a father was the best experience I have had. You were the brother that I never had . Daddy I feel pain when ever I remember that you did not wait to eat from my hustle after all your struggles to see me out of school. You were a man of peace , honour and dignity . May the Almighty Lord grant your Peaceful and gentle soul rest in his vine yard Amen. Love you plenty Daddy and you know that!...Bosah Frederick

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Oct 19, 2017
by: Anonymous

Your father is fine now. And please don't ask him to rest in peace. That is the last thing they do on the other side.
They are as busy over there as you are here. They are in good health and happy, so they do not need to rest in peace? They too have their lives to lead on that side.

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