Tobie Anway

To: Betty, Debbie and Allison and all the family and friends who loved Tobie.

What I remember about Tobie. Especially growing up; Tobie and Betty raised me like they're own daughter. From the time was three years old. A few good and wonderful memories of Tobie were my first two wheeler experience; Tobie patiently held the back of the bike until I could peddle on my own. Another time when I had a loose tooth, he place a string around my tooth and attached it to the door knob and came my tooth. Then he told me to put my tooth under my pillow for the tooth fairy to come and to my surprise the next morning there was a couple of dimes. I was so excited.

Another time many Christmas's, Tobie would out on the roof and ring "Jingle Bells". He always made Christmas a happy time. As I got older, Tobie took me fishing. He liked to catch frogs. He was so caring; A boy got a hook in his hand and Tobie took him to the hospital. A few things he kept secret, like when he caught me smoking and putting on lipstick that I found on the street. I believe Patsy got into also. There are so many thing I remember growing up. Sorry I could not be there. At least I had one year to spend with Tobie. I loved him as a father.

With you in spirit...Love Kay

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Sep 28, 2011
by: Janelle


Thanks for sharing your heart-warming memories. Sounds like Tobie will always live on in your heart.

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