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Oct 18, 2011
sad and beautiful
by: Janelle


Thank you for sharing your poem. It is very beautiful in a sad way. It beautifully uses words to express the depth of emotion you are experiencing.

As you may have read on the site, writing my own grief poems was extremely helpful to me in my grief as well. Putting words to emotions is scientifically verified to help calm the mind. The process helps the rational side of the mind connect to the emotional/instinctual part of the mind which are the first responders in crisis. So keep writing--it is helpful to the healing process.

Specifically, in your poem I was drawn to the "sometimes I pretend" honest statement. Too often people don't acknowledge those moments where you just try to forget it happened, even if for only a few moments. I don't know about you, but for me, that "pretending" just gives myself a break from the heaviness of grief and a moment of remembering the joy that used to be.

Savoring memories of a loved one is also a helpful process for grief. So be encouraged to keep on being real with your pain and finding beauty where you can. Thanks again for sharing.

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