To my hero, my Dad..........

by Brenda Mcbride
(Temecula, Ca.)

My dad, Herbert Grant was and still is in memory, a strong, intelligent, dedicated and honest man. He sacrificed his years doing good for his family, without wanting or expecting anything in return. My dad set an example to others, for his integrity and loyalty. There wasn't anything my dad wouldn't do to make our life better. His joyful, positive spirit was remarkable, along with his acceptance of everyone he knew.My dad
spent years as a supervisor in the immigration and naturalization service. He was a very dedicated boss, and gave his all as an
immigration officer. We were always taken care of very well by my dad, and we always felt so proud of him, for who he was. Now, he is
in the afterlife. We still feel so proud of him, and we marvel about all he was and all he did.
Our love for my dad stays strong as the days go by.
He's still our hero!!

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