This short poem i wrote about my daughter Johlyn Navai Bernstein who passed away at home at only 6 days old... Its entitled... Good Night...

by Rebecca Wambold
(Phila. Pa)

Johlyn Navai Bernstein 01/18/11-01/24/11 Love you & miss you my precious babygirl..

Johlyn Navai Bernstein 01/18/11-01/24/11 Love you & miss you my precious babygirl..

Good night my child, sweet dreams... Its time now to dream of heavenly things... I have tucked you in so nice and snug... I place a kiss on your face then I give you a hug... I stand there and watch as you peacefuly sleep... I feel weak in my knees, tears fall down my cheek... This couldnt be happening, not to you, not to me!!! Someone wake me this is such a bad dream!!! I can no longer stand, my crys fill the air... Daddy just sits there and quietly stairs... We hold eachother as we both say good night.. Your now in Gods hands and with angels in flight.. So rest my sweet child in the heavens above.. You will forever be missed and forever be loved.. I cant hold you in my arms but I can hold you in my heart... Truely sent from heaven, an angel from the start...

Johlyn Navai Bernstein 01/18/11-01/24/11

She has a memorial page on facebook "In Memory of Johlyn Navai Bernstein" i have posted other poems and lots of pictures... Feel free to visit her page share your own pictures poems or stories or just like her page... Grief is a long jurney... You should never have to walk it alone.. Come walk with me.... I am here.. XxxxoooO

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