the lost of my daughter yasmein

by christine kite

On the seventh of november my daugther yasmein rings me to stay at her friends itold her to come home but she wouldnt at the end of the phone call is goes mummy i love you and my brothers with all my heart that was the last time i heard her vocie. On the early hours on the 8 th of november at 12.08 am my daugther passed away in a stolen car two other teenagers pass away the driver and a passenger .

at 3 am i got the worst knock at the door any parent would dread i had two police officers come to my door and told me my beauitful daugther pass away i fell to the ground couldnt breath and started crying my babygirl was gone a parents worst nightmare my life and yasmeins younger brothers our lifes will never be the same i thought yasmein was tuck in bed at a friends house

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Jan 07, 2016
the loss of my son too
by: Anonymous

what a fine young man he was! through all the bumps and grinds of raising him. he grew up to be a beautiful young man that was head strong and full of life and energy, striving to be the best he could be. yes he up his parents through a lot of sleepless worrisome nights. but it was his strength, intellect and endurance that he was awarded a full scholarship in high school and college. it was my son that strived to be the best he could be obtaining an MBA degree from George Washington University and it was not because of his parents he was accepted. the job he quit because it was just not what he desired, the traveling he did to find himself and network to find what he wanted in life. as he always said it was not a 9 to 5. it was his passion that lead him to starting his own business moving in the right direction attain his goals he set for himself because he so strongly felt he was worthy. only to come back home to party with friends and have his life snatched away two lives taken in a blink of an eye. by who? why? something I will never understand? sometimes i say it doesn't matter but yes it does... at 26 i say he did not live but what i found out after his death was more than i gave him credit for. he was love by so many and dedicated to helping, mentoring and lifting the spirits of many...this and so much i didn't know. what i learned was my son, in his short 26 years, lived a life that was so full that it surpassed some that have lived 50-60 years. knowing this brings me some peace but my heart is so heavy in his absence... im just trying to understand why...missing you son, until we are together again MOM

Oct 13, 2013
The Pain of Wondering
by: Rosemarie Kaupp

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter, Yasmein. A police officer also came to my house in the middle of the night to tell me my son had died. What makes it doubly hard is not knowing how your daughter's death came to happen. It is the same with my son. No one has ever been arrested for shooting him. I have many unanswered questions as I am sure you do as well. You need faith and hope that one day you will know what happened. I hope you will find out what you feel you need to know. You know your daughter loved you and her brothers. This is something to take comfort in. God sees everything. I will pray we both find truth and justice.

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