The Lost of a Husband

by Katina LaShay Hawkins
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana )

Loves Heartbeat
As I lay awake quietly on the bed that we once shared taking deep breathes, I can still hear your heart beat
Remembering all of the great times that we experienced and the day you ask me to be your wife
I am in awe of it all, but I must trust and believe God’s will is always perfect for our life.
Thou the pain is hard to bear because you left so swiftly but I realized that heaven needed you there.
My eternal love will never die, you were not only my husband, my friend but you was that Guy.
God’s plans & will is perfect, though I might not understand but He gave me you for that I am thankful, For His perfect will and Perfect Plan

You are loves heartbeat, frosting on the cake, my sun in the sky, the man I called husband, and you will always be my Guy.

Thank You for loving the way God found fit, it was an honor to be your wife, to be your perfect fit.

Remembering you always my husband, my love, my friend, that guy who is forever & always my final Loves Heartbeat

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