The loss of my 'best friend' my Mother...

by Cindy Smith

Mother as a youn woman

Mother as a youn woman

My Mother went to be with Jesus and dance gloriously with the Angel's on September 8th 2012.

Mother, I will miss you with all of my heart and soul although I will miss you...
I'm so glad that you won't have to feel any more pain when you were here...we had both good time's and bad time's heck as a child you even spanked my butt a few time's however it was much need and I'm a better adult because of it now!!

You were a good Mother and patiently waited for me to grow into the woman that only you knew that i could be. After developing into the 'Lady' that you knew that i could be....we became... 'BEST FRIEND'S!!! I only wish I knew of a friendship like this one...many year's sooner as i would have liked to spend more time with you. However...I'm sure no matter how much time I would have spent with would'nt have bee enouph.

I was truly blessed to have 'a true lady' like you for my Mother!!

I used to sing a chorus from a song for you...

The name of the song was 'The sweetest thing by juice newton

I'm a little bit country like you My Mother so....when I would sing it, it would have some 'southern twang' on it liked it anyway even was'nt originally a country song!! About all you would listen to was

Country, Bluegrass and gospel.

You may not physically be here but I'm a product of you and WILL LIVE ON for. A very long time!!!

I Love you Mother, Cindy.

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