The Greatest Mother in the Universe CATHERINE WATSON WHITE

by Karen White
(Detroit, Mi)

Moma I miss you so much. I wake up every morning crying because I never thought the day you entered the hospital 12-2-10, would be the begining of the end. I didn't believe the insensitive social worker who stated you had less than 6 months to live, before we brought you home. On 12-18-10 you took your last breath in the house. The home where you and Dad owned for 42 years and raised 6 children, all who are productive individuals in society. I tried to do the best I could the six years I took care of you, while you descended into the unknown world of Alzhemier. I wish I could have done more. I wish I could have taken away the horrible arthritic pain you suffered from the time you awoke in the morning to the time you went to bed at night. When I reflect on our conversations from previous months, you knew that you were dying long before any us. Moma I cannot believe you are no longer here with me and for me. Even with all my siblings, family members and so called friends, I am alone. You were my rock. You never abandoned me. GOD I Miss you.

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