Survivor Psalm
and Reflection Questions

Survivor Psalm
By Frank Ochbery, M.D.

I have been victimized.
I was in a fight that was
not a fair fight.
I did not ask for the fight. I lost.
There is no shame in losing such
Fights, only in winning.
I have reached the stage of
Survivor and am no longer a
slave of victim status.
I look back with sadness
rather than hate.
I look forward with hope
rather than despair.
I may never forget, but I need not
constantly remember.
I was a victim.
I am a survivor.


If it feels helpful, you may want to sit with this psalm for silent or written reflection. You may find the following questions helpful.

Where do you find yourself responding to this poem? Either feeling drawn toward something or pushing away from something?

What emotions did you feel rising up within you as you read?

What physical reactions or responses are you aware of in your body as you read this poem?

What invitation do you sense is being offered to you in this psalm?

Does this poem touch any deep desires within you? What are they?

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