Stanley Zlotkowski 1930-2011

by Mary zlotkowski
(Shakopee, MN)

Dad, your in my thoughts daily if not hourly. I miss you dearly. Even writing this brings tears to my eyes. You were my rock. You were everything to me. You did everything for all of us. You left us at 80 but way too soon for me. I really felt you would live into your nineties. You were so active and healthy. No one expected a stroke would take you away. Seeing you so helpless and hurting was so difficult. I know you tried to get better. But, it was all too much, too many complications in a short period of time. I only hope that the pain and confusion I saw you suffer was only what I saw and that you were actually getting ready to meet God.

I am grateful for the last day I had with you, talking and remembering all the good times. Just being with you and holding your hand, squeezing your hand. I know you heard me even though you could not answer. Dad, you were and are the best Dad. Your gentle, loving, kind and generous heart will never be forgotten. Your spirit will always be with me. I will never forget you telling us its in your heart, meaning love for us, and telling us or gesturing that God is in your heart.

One of the last things you were able to say to me was Believe in the Future and although it is difficult now I will. You always said Trust God and No Pain No Gain. Difficult as it may be I will do my best. We will and I have to go on as hard as it will be.

Dad, you lived for others, always helping others. I'll do my best to carry on in your footsteps. I know you're rewarded now and you live with God. But, Dad you are in my heart, and your here in spirit. I will always love you and miss you. I know your home now with your family. I know your happy, well and whole. And I will see you again someday. I love you Dad.

Your Loving daughter, Mary Zlotkowski

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Jun 26, 2015
I don't forget your love Dad. I never will. Be near me always.
by: Mary

It's over 4 years since you went home to God. I still miss you. It's been very difficult without you here in so many ways.You know all about how mom is in the Memory Care home (really glorified name for Nursing Home). I know she gets lonely there. I am believing you are with her especially in those times.Go to her. I moved up north to get away and work days..just too much stress at home and at work.Now it is making me crazy being unproductive. I wish I had the patience you had. SOver and over in the midst of the clamor, I had to admit my own powerlessness, to relinquish worry, and to trust God.(somehow those words keep popping into this note)Sometimes I feel like I have been and so I am Just confused. But I need to get back...back to my house you and ma helped me get. I haven't been able to watch out for ma as well and I am sorry. I know I promised you I would. You know all about Joe and me and the strain there and why...I won't elaborate know. I am sorry if I did any thing wrong. But I know you and I don't think I did. Dad I need your signs your near. I have a lot of worries. And I don't feel like I am seeing signs and you know the support I ask God for so pray. I know you are even more than you did here. I love you so much Dad and I miss you and think about you almost every day still. Your Mary

May 11, 2013
by: Mary

I love you Dad. I miss you. Keep praying for us. Be near mom this mothers day. Talk some sense into Joe this weekend while he is fishing.
I am waiting for those real roses Dad and you and grandma keep the pennies coming.
You are in my heart always. Send me messages and signs.
Your Mary

Nov 08, 2012
Take Heart
by: Patricia

Oh take heart Stanley, You don't know me but I read your message. The Lord giveth and the Lord has taken away. Mortals as we are, we cannot question his work. He is in the safe arms of Jesus. May his soul rest in peace.I like the message from you and your sister. Its touching but have faith in God.
Today is my father's 15th Anniversary. What a nice man he was. A great devoted and dedicated teacher. A kind hearted and loving man. Let me stop. Rushing to his memorial service at 12 noon.
This is my number - 00232 78 156091

Feb 18, 2012
I Love You Always
by: Mary Zlotkowski


It has just over a year. I still miss you and think of you everyday. I know you are with God and your family....Grandma and all. I miss you too Grandma.
It is still difficult but I know you are always near in spirit. I know you send me signs. Thank you Dad. Maybe sometimes I see them and sometimes not but that is when trust comes in. That trust is what you had so much of and what you want us/me to have now. I will try to keep believing too. I still remember some of those last words.... Believe in the Future. I always will. I will do my best. Keep praying Dad for all of us and don't ever stop those signs...God willing as you would say. And go to Mom in the Nursing Home. In her confusion I know she needs you. Honestly, I want her always remember you and sometimes I wonder. You took good care of her in this life and I know you are now. I know it must have been hard while you were here. I just had no idea and I am sorry if I did not help enough. You took on so much yourself without complaint. And I am not sure of what Moms condidtion really was. You just did not want us to worry. It just seems her mental status declined so rapidly. So, Dad just be with her in her confusion as I know you are and as your always with us. I miss you. I love you Always. I know you have Sammy now too. I bet your feeding him lots of treats....probably Whisper too. I miss Sammy. He was so sick too. But I am sure they are having a blast now. You too.
Be near me Dad. Pray for Me and all. I love you forever and always. I will always miss you.
Your loving daughter,

Jul 12, 2011
Happy Birthday Dad
by: mary zlotkowksi

Dad, your birthday was yesterday and you would have been 81 years old. I still can't believe you are gone. I miss you everyday. I still cry almost everyday. I know you want me to be happy.
I know you are with me in spirit and you will always be in my heart.
I know you prayed so hard here so your praying even harder in heaven with God. I have a lot of mixed up emotions. Some of them not so good w/Patty. I know you want me to forgive. You were and are such a kind, patient and forgiving dad. You were and are truely following Gods will. Dad pray so I can understand and even understand Theresa. Thank God she got a job. I know you had something to do with it. Pray so she can embrace it, do well, be grateful even if it is hard sometimes. I want her and all of us to be positive just as you were AND even when it was MOST difficult for you.
Dad, I want to thank you for being with MOM and helping her. I think you did more with her than we know. I cannot imagine how difficult that was sometimes. I wish I knew more or that you let us know more. Or, maybe I was just in denial. Her confusion, memory issues - dementia and bipolar are bad. Plus she has slowed down tremendously. I don't know if its from the heavy meds or not. Joe is doing a lot... sometimes he was being a tyrant but I know he is doing a lot and helping us all. Pray for him Dad. Be with him. He is doing what you would want. He is so good with Mom too. We will continue to do our best with Mom just as you would want. I pray you go to her and let her know your near. I know you do.
Dad, those tomatoes I am growing for you are doing good and and there are about 10 tiny cucumbers on the vine too. I hope you like them. I am carrying on your tomatoe and cucumber garden.
I know you were with me at the marathon.
Be near me Dad. You are in my heart. Keep praying. I am sure you had a great B-day with God and your family. I know your with Grandma. I know she is praying for us too.
Dad I Love you. I Miss you. I always will.
You will always be in my Heart.
Lots of Love
Your daughter - Mary

May 28, 2011
Dad, Your in my heart.
by: Theresa Zlotkowsk

Dear Dad,
It was really a beautiful thing today to go and put flowers on your grave. I didn't really know how to do it so I spent probably too much money but Joe will understand. If felt so good to stand on your grave. I wasn't joking when I told Patty and my mother and Mary and Joe we should have a picnic there. It is a tradition in alot of South American countries. After standing there on your grave I felt all you positive energy and grace and then the pine cone which of course is special to me. A sign that in the pain seeds are sown and those seeds can build new possibilities. Dad, I really, really need your spirit now. I know you are close to God, to Jesus, to the Spirit please beg them to give me a job that will have tremendous meaning for me - you know how much I am a person of meaning. I just can't do any job. Tell them where my heart is - that is in doing ministry. I love the Catholic Church and that is where I want to work. I got mad at God today, but the depression I've been experiencing has been way too much for me. I can't handle it any more so I need you dad, in the Spirit, to get God acting on my behalf. I know it might sound crazy to some. But intercessors are important so please intercede for me and the whole family. Dad you had the deepest faith of anyone we have ever known. You did know how to trust God even in pain. It always felt so good having you offer all those Masses for me. I have faith because I received it from you - what a gift. Those flowers look pretty nifty on your grave. I looked around and thought whow! they are the best. I hope you like them. You know I always believe that flowers can grow in the heart and give us new life. So dad, you have a whole bunch of roses, daffodils, peonies, and begonias. They are really all your prayers for us.
Love, Theresa

May 24, 2011
Stanley Zlotkowski
by: Janelle


Thanks for sharing your beautiful tribute to your father. I'm sorry for your loss. It is always too soon to loose a loved one isn't it?

From the sounds of your tribute, you will have many good memories to cherish. Many people find it helpful, calming, and healing to spend time savoring those memories.

May you find glimmers of hope for your future even as you miss your father.

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